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Goalie Substitution Request

In the event a rostered goalie(s) is not able to participate in a scrimmage, league or District Tournament game due to INJURY, ILLNESS or BEREAVEMENT only, a substitute goalie may play in place of the rostered goalie provided;

  1. The substitute goalie is not from a higher level team (division or level)
  2. The substitute goalie is acquired first from within the local association and second from teams within the District or league
  3. The substitute goalie must wear the jersey from his/her home team
  4. The substitute goalie must abide by the player rest rules. Substituting must NOT interfere with activities of his/her home team
  5. Substitue goalie may play ONLY if rostered goalies are not able to  play
  6. Must have the approval of both team's Association Representatives and opposing coach approval on the Substitute Goalie form.
  7. Requesting Association will then submit approved form to District 2 Director before start of game via email.

NOTE:  This online form is only to be used for DISTRICT 2 League Games.