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D2 Hockey News

D2 Needs Referees! Share your leadership, knowledge of the game and skating skills while earning some cash and getting some exercise.  Apply Here

Background Screening Policy - In compliance with new requirements from the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC), USA Hockey has launched a new national level background screening program.  All adult coaches, officials, board members, employees, volunteers, and anyone else who will have regular contact with, or authority over, athletes under the age of 18 are required to submit to a background screen before any such contact with those athletes.


MN Hockey News

MN Hockey Phase 3 to Start Sept. 1, 2020

Minnesota Hockey today announced it will move to Phase 3 of its Return to Play Guidelines beginning Tuesday, September 1. Phase 3 is intended to provide guidelines for Minnesota Hockey’s community-based associations as programs enter the regular season. Link

USA Hockey News

With families across the country facing financial hardship, The USA Hockey Foundation has set a goal of providing at least 5,000 kids with a chance to return to the game they love.

A donation of $46 to the Membership Relief Fund covers the cost of a child’s USA Hockey membership for the 2020-21 season and keeps them connected to their community on and off the ice!

To receive assistance from this grant, applications can be submitted here and are being accepted through Sunday, November 15

NHL Hockey News

Watch it on NHL.TV

Schedule of NHL Events Here

Scores Here

Player Spotlight Here

welcome to all new hockey players!!

The fastest game on ice is thrilling to play and an excellent way to help your child soar!  Here are some helpful links worth reviewing:

Parent Handbook

Come Play Hockey Website

The Three Promises of Youth Hockey

As a parent, you understand it is important for your child to get the most out of participating in youth sports. To ensure your child has an enjoyable experience, youth hockey aims to deliver the “Three Promises:”


The thrill of carrying the puck up the ice, the exhilaration of scoring their first goal or the camaraderie of skating with friends is possible due to the fun and encouraging environment youth hockey provides to try new things and grow as a person.


Youth hockey is unique because a new player must start from the very basics of essentially learning to walk again. Your local youth hockey program has instructors that are able to teach the sometimes challenging skills of ice hockey in a fun, engaging manner.


You will be amazed at the progress your child will make in a short amount of time. Both you and your child will walk away from the rink each day, excited about all the new things that your young hockey player has started to learn on the ice.


It's that time of year again... Here are 10 tips to make your tryout the best it can be.

10. Get Enough Sleep

This seems easy, but with school, homework and hockey, the day can get away from you.  Be disciplined on managing your day.  Focus on the 3 things above and eliminate mindless texting, gaming, surfing the web or watching TV.

9. Focus on What You Eat and Drink

If you want your body to perform at a high level, you have to eat a well balanced diet.  Stay away from fatty foods and caffeinated drinks.  1-2 hours before your ice time, start hydrating by taking a couple drinks of water every 10-15 mins.

8. Check List Your Equipment

Last thing you want to do before stepping on the ice, is scramble around looking for an elbow pad, shin guard or replace a broken lace.   Before you have to leave for the rink, check to make sure all your hockey equipment is in working order and in your bag.

7. Sharpen Your Skates

Nothing is more discouraging for a player during tryouts than to step on the ice and your skates are dull.  This is the player's responsibility to let your parents know when skates need a sharpening.  Letting them know minutes before leaving for the rink will only increase your anxiety.  Take care of it well before you have to leave.

6. Be a Great Listener

Nothing aggravates a coach more than when they explain a drill and you go out and screw it up.  If you don't understand the drill, ask questions.  If you still don't get it, go to the back of the line and watch, so when it's your turn, you knock it out of the park.

5. Communicate on the Ice

Most tryouts have a large portion devoted to scrimmaging.  Be a chatter box on the ice.  If you want the puck, call for it.  If you what one of your line mates to cover someone defensively, let them know.  The only thing that silence on the ice brings is confusion.  Talking to your teammates on the ice shows that you are passionate and into the game.

4. You Don't Know When Someone is Watching

During this process, there are a lot of eyes looking down on you and they are constantly judging or ranking you.  Once you get to the rink, be focused on one thing - the task at hand.  Don't get sucked into other players that might be screwing around.  Remember, it's a short amount of time you have to show the evaluators that you should be on the top team.  Take advantage of every minute as you never know when someone is watching you.

3. Get Noticed Every Shift

This is not easy to do for every shift.  Most think this means making a great play or scoring a goal.  Yes, you get noticed when offensive plays happen, but that's not what I'm getting at.  Nothing impresses evaluators or hockey coaches more than when a player digs deep and shows some grit and determination.  Examples would be taking a hit to make a play, blocking a shot or a strong back check from end to end.  All of which you are capable of doing.

2. Effort

When it comes down to the last few picks, there are always 3-4 players fighting for 1 or 2 spots.  Most coaches will take a player with less skill but an unbelievable work ethic over a player with more skill who is lazy.  Be the hardest working player on the ice for every drill and every shift

1. Enjoy the Process

We play hockey because it's the greatest sport ever.  You perform at your best when you are relaxed and having fun.  Enjoy the moment and leave it all on the ice.  If you do this, only good things will happen.  Finally, whichever team you land on, you're sure to make great memories and be positive and enjoy the season!!

Source: Snipers Edge Hockey

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