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For a list of upcoming clinics in Minnesota please visit 

Questions please contact Jason Sturm

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Off Ice Training and activities

Minnesota Hockey has put together the following resources to provide ideas on dryland activities for hockey players. For more details on any of the activities, follow the link for specific instructions and graphics on how to perform them.

The resources are designed to be age-specific and provide three categories of activities: ABC's (agility, balance, coordination and speed), puck skills (stick handling, passing and shooting) and personal (mental, social and emotional).   Full article link HERE

The End of the season - well done teams!

Congratulations to all D2 players, families, spectators and rink staff members.  Another year is under our belt.  

And now it’s that time of year again. The snow is melting, the sun is out longer and the air is feeling warmer. Warm springtime weather can certainly bring good times but hockey players know that it's also time to hang up the skates for the year – nothing fun about that.

Hopefully a reflection of the past season shows skill improvement, new friendships, exciting wins and even heart-breaking losses.  If a kid felt all of those things throughout the season, it was a success.   

Looking ahead, enjoy a break from the rink, even if it's only for a week or two.  Try something new and different.  Spend quality time as a family, read a book, pump up the bike tires or break out the bats, balls or running shoes.  No matter what you do, don't worry, the rink is still there; it will be ready for another season of hockey.

To all D2 families, on behalf of the D2 Board of Directors, thanks for your participation. Have a safe and enjoyable spring and summer.


Minnesota Hockey Unveils Futures Development Program

Minnesota Hockey and District 2 are pleased to announce The Futures Development Program, open to all 2010 and 2011 birth years, provides an opportunity for players to train under a specially designed Minnesota and American Development Model curriculum.

All 12 of the Minnesota Hockey Districts will host a boys' and a girls' program, with registration being on a first-come, first-served basis. If you’re looking for a Spring development opportunity, this program is a perfect fit for you.

District 2 will be offering 2 hours of ice each week for 2 boys groups and 1 girls group. We will max our registration with the following:

  • 80 boys (including 8 goalies)
  • 40 girls (including 4 goalies)

There will be 13 hours of on-ice skills training for each group. The girls group will skate on Monday & Wednesdays, and the boys will skate on Tuesday & Thursdays. 

The ice times are primarily at TCO in Stillwater, MN. 

For more information visit or contact District 2 Futures Development GM Aliya Taube at OR visit the District 2 Futures Development Page

Minnesota Hockey High Performance Season Coming Soon

The CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance programs are designed to identify and develop the best players in Minnesota and to provide the top players from each district or section a chance to play with and against the best players in their area and the state.

At the conclusion of the CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance programs at the 15, 16 and 17 levels, our top players are selected to represent Minnesota Hockey at the USA Hockey National Select Festivals. The Select festivals are used by USA Hockey to identify the top performers in each age group for possible opportunities to represent USA Hockey at national and international levels.

CCM Minnesota Hockey High Performance programs also include exciting opportunities for boys and girls at the 18 level with remaining high school eligibility as well as graduating seniors participating in the Ted Brill Great 8 for the opportunity to play in the Minnesota Hockey CCM National Invitational Tournament against the best competition from across the country.

For more information on all the Minnesota Hockey High Performance Programs visit the Minnesota Hockey Website.

For information on the District 2 Programs please visit the following pages:

Boys HP 14 (2009 Birth Year)

Boys HP 15 (2008 Birth Year)

Girls HP 14 (2009 Birth Year)

Girls HP 15 (2009 Birth Year)

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