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Memorial Day

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MN Hockey News

Honoring the 2020 State Tournament Participants

This year’s teams were unable to complete at State, but nothing can take away the inspiring moments and memories made during their journey. Join us in honoring the Drive to State of all the 2020 Minnesota Hockey State Tournament participants because what they accomplished is special and deserves unique recognition during these unprecedented times.  (Link)

Resources for Players and Coaches

Off Ice Hockey Playing and Activities - Minnesota Hockey has put together the following resources to provide ideas on dryland activities for hockey players. For more details on any of the activities, follow the link for specific instructions and graphics on how to perform them.  The resources are designed to be age-specific and provide three categories of activities: ABC's (agility, balance, coordination and speed), puck skills (stick handling, passing and shooting) and personal (mental, social and emotional).  Link Here

Offseason Development for Coaches - Link Here

Player Development Webinar Series - Link Here


usa hockey news

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

As USA Hockey continues adapting to the coronavirus situation, the safety of participants always remains our top priority. Thank you to all players, parents, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers for your continued passion and support for hockey in the United States and we’re all looking forward to returning to more normal times as soon as possible. In the meantime, all updates related to the coronavirus situation can be found here.

Dispel the Hockey Smell and Tips to Clean Your Gear

Hockey is the only sport that has its own unique smell. It’s a dubious distinction, for sure. While other sports can claim their own distinctive sounds (for example, the crack of the bat in baseball and the stuttering squeak of sneakers in basketball), hockey is the only sport that literally has its own fragrance.   And it’s not a good one either...   (Article Link Here)

Hockey is not only a vigorous sport on the ice but also at home in your laundry room where you are fearlessly trying to beat the stink of hockey funk! The hardest part about deodorizing gear from this sport is the difficulty presented when trying to wash every item that is used in each game that is played – such as helmets, pads, gloves, and other protective equipment.    (Article Link Here)


Articles to help keep physically and mentally in shape


It’s Tuesday, March 17, at 3 pm. It has been a week since I got to watch my kids play soccer, at their final practice before the state of Oregon canceled all group gatherings and sporting events. It has been 10 days since I watched their last games. And like all of you reading, I have no idea when I will get to see them play again. And it got me thinking, I already miss watching my kids play.  Article Link


When the hockey season ends, the desire to come back stronger the next year lies in the player’s hands – especially when it comes to improving stick and puck skills.  Former Golden Gopher and NHLer Lance Pitlick believes that you get what you put in when it comes to off-ice skills training. And there’s a lot you can do at home any time of year.  (Article Link)



The Coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on sport with a number of youth sports events and seasons being suspended or canceled. This means athletes, parents, and coaches need to get creative with ways to brings sports and activities to their house, driveway, or backyard.  Using the hashtag on social media #SportsAtHome, we are resharing the best and most creative ways people are continuing to incorporate sports.  Article Link



Sports:  1. Play a sport such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football or hockey  2. Kayak or canoe on a lake or river  3. Go for a run/jog together  4. Play golf or go to the driving range  5. Go to the batting cages  6. Play kickball here



Most families have ideas for a few rainy days, but staying home for several weeks requires a bigger toolbox.  Article Link


At this point, it’s anybody’s guess as to how long coronavirus will keep businesses, schools, and sports shut down. For Stryker Field Hockey Club director Tina Parrott, the disruption couldn’t have come at a worse time. Her program saw an increase from 82 to 108 athletes this year and was just starting to form teams and build relationships when school sports were put on hold in San Jose, California.   Article Link



If the lives of youth hockey players and parents used to be all about “go, go, go” and figuring out how to pump the brakes from time to time, the current situation is the complete opposite.

With the majority of states issuing stay-at-home directives in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of families suddenly have a lot more time – but also a lot more challenges when it comes to helping kids burn off energy and stay active while options seem limited. Article Link


Right now, our world’s heroes are wearing scrubs and other uniforms. They don’t fight bad guys with super powers nor do they come with green skin like the Hulk. Our current superheroes are spending their days and nights fighting the coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc over our entire society — and, frankly, life as we know it.

These heroes are tirelessly trying to help those most vulnerable across the world.

In addition to doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians, hospital administrators, and other health care professionals, today’s heroes might be wearing a uniform you may have never associated with heroism before. They are known as essential workers and they are courageously working to keep the world going while risking personal exposure to this growing COVID-19 outbreak.

Thank You

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