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Additional Playoff Information - Important to Review

Locker Room Policy

It is the policy of USA Hockey that all USA Hockey Member Programs have at least one responsible screened adult present directly monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room. Any individual meetings between a minor participant and a coach or other adult in a locker room shall require that a second responsible adult is present. The responsible adult that monitors and supervises the locker room shall have been screened in compliance with Section III of this Handbook.

Further, responsible adults must also secure the locker room appropriately during times when minor participants are on the ice.  For each team, the coach and/or team administrators shall be responsible for compliance with the locker room supervision requirements of this Policy. A coach and/or team administrator that fails to take appropriate steps to ensure the Locker Room Policy is adhered to, and any USA Hockey participant or parent of a participant who otherwise violates this Policy is subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Cell Phones in Locker Room

Cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras, and video cameras increase the risk for some forms of abuse or misconduct. As a result, the use of a mobile device’s recording capabilities in the locker rooms is not permitted at any USA Hockey sanctioned event, provided that it may be acceptable to take photographs or recordings in a locker room in such unique circumstances as a victory celebration, team party, etc., where all persons in the locker room are appropriately dressed and have been advised that photographs or recordings are being taken.

Bracket Updates Throughout the Tournament

Tournament brackets will be updated each evening after the last game of the bracket is played.




Upcoming Events

2020 MN Hockey Scholarship Applications - Due March 16     Minnesota Hockey has announced its scholarship opportunities for 2020. Minnesota Hockey is proud to support its members as they pursue post-secondary education with a limited number of college scholarship awards of $1,500.  (Link)  To be eligible, players must be registered members of Minnesota Hockey teams or a participant in Minnesota high school hockey who will be graduating high school this spring.

NCHC Frozen Faceoff Special Offer - March 20-21     See the best in college hockey at Xcel Energy Center on March 20-21 at the NCHC Frozen Faceoff! Two day package (includes four games) only $45! Use code: MN Hockey.  (Link)

2020 Association Leader Excellence Conference - April 25-25  (Link)     The ALEC provides volunteers and hockey leaders in Minnesota with opportunities for learning best practices and networking with youth hockey leaders at the local, state and national level.

USA Hockey Player Safety

USA Hockey Board Launches New Initiative on Safety, Fair Play and Respect

The USA Hockey Board of Directors unanimously ratified the Declaration of Player Safety, Fair Play and Respect at its Board of Directors meeting on June 8 in a significant move focused on improving the game at the youth level, particularly related to player safety.  The focus of the Declaration is a concentrated effort to change the culture around body checking and competitive contact at all levels of play and clearly define what is acceptable and unacceptable. The Board’s action makes clear that a body check must be an attempt to win possession of the puck and not an effort to punish or intimidate. Further, USA Hockey is committed to a culture where there are: 1) no late hits 2) no hits to the head and 3) no checking from behind.      Click here to read the full article.




Featured Hockey Event of the Week

Zamboni Driver Called on to Help the Carolina Hurricanes Win a Regular Season NHL Game!


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Hockey Hub

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